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Flooring TRACK 5: Flooring


Barry Bailey

Regional Technical Service Representative
MAPEI Corporation

Barry is a Regional Technical Service Representative with the MAPEI Corporation. Before joining the Technical Services group at MAPEI, he was the owner and operator of a flooring installation company specializing in porcelain, ceramic, marble, and natural stone tile installations. Barry has over 25 years of experience as an installer and business owner in commercial and residential flooring installations. His past work experience in the flooring industry allows him to help customers with MAPEI product recommendations and technical solutions. Barry graduated from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor of Science. He lives in North Carolina.

How-To's for Commercial Interior Installations

The session will cover a basic look at flooring issues that can be impacted by the flatness of an substrate, as well as address the need to have a flat substrate in the current market. The session will also cover ways to flatten the substrate to provide for improved flooring installations.


  1. Examine Trends in Tile and Construction Practices that Impact  Substrate Flatness
  2. Review Flatness requirements found in industry documents
  3. Look at methods for obtaining flatness requirements
  4. Understand how self-levelers work
  5. Learn the basics of self-leveler application

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