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Ken Kelly

Ken Kelly

Kelly Roofing

Born in Naples, Florida, Ken is a traveler, businessman and humanitarian. Compassionately raised by two loving parents, Ken’s ability to search out fairness with a strong sense of organization, always looking for the potential good in any situation is his strength. Continuing tradition in 1993 by taking over the family’s roofing business provided a venue for creative implementation of successful ideas. In 2004 and 2005 the Kelly Roofing team responded to their community’s needs during tough hurricane disaster times. In 2008 Energy Saving Solutions, a consulting and educational firm was created with the goal to help others understand the true meaning of “Green”. As an Instrument rated Airplane and Helicopter pilot, Ken’s passion for life and dedication to excellence is exemplified through the rigors of aviation. Currently Southwest Florida’s Wing Commander of Angel Flight Southeast, Ken helps fly and coordinate missions for those in medical need; including transplant, cancer and military veteran patients. Ken donates time to his community by sitting on various boards and commissions such as the Florida Housing Authority, which he chairs. As an industry leader, Kelly Roofing is currently ranked 53 out of all roofing contractors in America. An industry spokesman, contributing author and circuit speaker, Ken enjoys sharing and helping other business professionals in all sectors. Hope Contained, a non-profit Ken helped form, is dedicated to helping the poorest of poor throughout the world by recycling and converting steel shipping containers into homes, creating villages and designing micro-farms in developing nations.

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