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Abby Feinstein

Abby Feinstein

Commercial Product Manager
CertainTeed Roofing

Abby Feinstein is responsible for marketing, research and development, as well as market analysis for low slope roofing at CertainTeed. Prior to joining the CertainTeed team, Abby helped start several businesses in the renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors. She previously managed both sales and marketing divisions in the building performance contractor sector before starting up and operating her own home performance consulting business. Abby holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Design from University of the Arts.

Low-Slope Roofing: Specification & Installation Strategies with a Labor Shortage

Contractors specializing in low-slope roofing face the growing challenge of delivering quality, watertight roof systems with fewer skilled workers and less-experienced crews. An architect or specifier should understand the impact product specification and roof design has on labor efficiencies, costs and ultimately a client’s asset protection. Self-adhered modified bitumen (mod bit) roofing has been marketed as a labor-saving alternative to other low-slope roofing methods. A five-year study commissioned by CertainTeed and conducted by Trinity | ERD included the timed observation of multiple multi-layer and single-ply roofing material installations, resulting with an objective comparison of product labor efficiencies and ultimately installed costs. The study reveals that product selection, roof design, tool use/management and crew management all have a significant impact on installed costs. From design through application, this information can help roofing stakeholders write project-appropriate specifications, set accurate value and cost expectations with clients, and optimize application efficiencies in the field.


  1. Acquire the relative difference in installed cost, broken out by labor and materials, of nationally common multi-layer and single-ply roof coverings
  2. Enable yourself to provide clients with an accurate cost to value analysis of your recommended roof systems
  3. Understanding the impact project parameters such as climate and roof design/features have on labor efficiency across multiple roof coverings and improve your ability to adjust specifications and/or client cost expectations appropriately
  4. Learn ways to help your clients reduce labor expense on any roofing project through improved contractor management

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