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Beth Dobkin Cotney

Beth Dobkin

Director of Business Coaching
Quality Service Contractors

Her career started in the accounting department of a large new construction plumbing company where she managed all accounts payable, payroll and collections. Later she became responsible for the financial statements and budgets for that organization. In 1982 she married and moved to California where she and her husband decided to open their own plumbing service business. After successfully growing that business for 16 years, they sold to a large investor where Beth continued on as General Manager for 5 years prior to becoming a business coach for a national franchising company. With a passion for training and developing people, she became responsible for creating and presenting programs related to our industry, business development and the customer service experience. Eight years later Beth joined PHCC in their Quality Service Contractor segment as a business coach where she travels throughout the country helping business owners meet their goals and follow their dreams. Beth resides in California with her husband of 37 years. When not traveling, they spend time with their three children and their families.

Fortune Seekers Roadmap

It is much easier to manage a process than trying to manage everyone and every task involved in the process. This session is designed to help you uncover the mystery behind establishing your fortune through system and process development.


  1. Identify the systems necessary to create business growth and personal freedom.
  2. Explain the importance of having a systematic approach to all business activity.
  3. Produce scalable business systems.
  4. Create replicable systems for key areas in a business.

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