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Bill McHugh

Bill McHugh

Executive Director

Bill has been Executive Director of the Chicago Roofing Contractors Association for the past 14 years. He participates in the Code Development process at the International Code Council (ICC)'s Energy, Building and Fire Codes, serves on NFPA's Fire Protection Features Committee, participates at the Illinois and Chicago's Code Development Processes. He's involved at ASTM in Standards development too. He is a past Construction Specifications Institute (CSI), Northern Illinois Chapter President, North Central Region President and CSI Institute Director (CSI National Board), and is a former member of the International Accreditation Services (IAS) Board of Directors. Reach Bill via email.

NEW Illinois, Chicago Energy Codes

This program brings the attendee up to date with the latest code requirements now and in 2019. The State of Illinois' 2018 International Energy Code Development Process is finished and Chicago updated their code through a memorandum. Learn about the State of Illinois roofing energy code requirements for both new construction and existing buildings. Check out Chicago's Code Memorandum which brings a different philosophy than the State of Illinois' positions. Hear what R-Values are required and when a variance makes sense for existing buildings. This session is key for those who work with clients who are looking at roof replacement, roof recover or roof repairs.


  1. Understand Roofing Energy Code Requirements for New Construction.
  2. Understand Roofing Energy Code Requirements for Existing Buildings.
  3. Learn the details of the Chicago Energy Code and its differences from the State of Illinois requirements.
  4. Learn when it makes sense to request a code variance from the building official.

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