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Bob Rohr

Bob Rohr

Training and Education Manager

Bob “Hot Rod” Rohr, training and education manager for Caleffi Hydronic Solutions — a hydronic, solar, thermal, and renewable energy component manufacturer — carries a big hydronics industry legacy dating back to the 1970s. A regular presenter and trainer for various trade groups, including ASHRAE, ASPE, RPA, CMX Ciphex, COSEIA, and numerous manufacturers’ representatives, wholesalers and trade associations over his 30-plus year career, Rohr’s hands-on experience lends itself well in his regular contributions to PHC News and Mechanical Business, where he puts his rubber-to-the-road experiences to pen. Founder of Hot Rod & Vox Plumbing, Heating and Solar in 1978, Rohr has served as president of the RPA Board of Directors and has been an active member since 1992. A favorite speaker in the popular Coffee with Caleffi™ webinar training series, Bob delights the audience with his expertise and quick wit.

Integrating hydronics with indoor environmental quality

This course will explore the ways to address indoor environmental quality with various heating and cooling systems.  Hydronic heating/cooling and forced-air hybrid systems are an excellent way to address the complex topic of IEQ.  The presenters will also discuss the future of IoT control systems that can help orchestrate and manage healthy indoor environments.


  1. The complexity of quantifying comfort
  2. Heat transfer and distribution options
  3. Radiant heating and cooling hybrid systems
  4. The future of IoT IEQ controls

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