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Flooring TRACK 5: Flooring

Catherine Minervini Cotney

Catherine Minervini

A&D Regional Manager

Catherine launched her career as an interior designer in New York City working for award winning firms such as Hardy Holzman Pfeiffer Associates. The Big Apple helped lay the groundwork for what would become a robust marketing career in the commercial interior design profession. Catherine worked for the Interface companies, ultimately rising up in the ranks to Vice President of Marketing for Bentley Prince Street in Los Angeles. In 2009, Catherine went on to launch her own consultancy, Green Owl Studio, a collaborative workshop and a culmination of her experience in interior design, branding and marketing. Today, Catherine has returned to the New York City region and is an A&D Regional Manager for Sunbrella, where she can tap into her three decades of experience in the commercial architecture + interior design industry and share her passion for storytelling.

Designing for Mindfulness

By the end of this CEU, participants will have learned what mindfulness is, and where it started, the physical and mental health, safety and wellness benefits associated with mindfulness, and how to plan and design spaces that encourage mindfulness. Case s tudies of different companies that incorporate mindfulness spaces into their space plans are presented, as are the resultant effects on worker health and productivity.


  1. Discover the physical and mental health benefits associated with mindfulness.
  2. Identify how you can become more mindful.
  3. Recognize which companies are providing mindfulness training and practice to their employees.
  4. Understand how to incorporate mindfulness into your own work environment.
  5. Learn how to incorporate mindfulness into your design.

This session has been approved for the following CEU's 
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