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Clifford Cooper

Clifford Cooper

Senior Industrial Hygienist
The Vertex Companies Inc.

Mr. Cooper is a Certified Industrial Hygienist and an environmental health professional with a 40-year career focus on indoor environmental quality and building science. Cliff currently serves as Senior Industrial Hygienist and director of the Vertex Air Quality Services Group Tracer Laboratory established in 2015 with an applied research grant from the NY State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) to develop applications for real-time air tracing technology. The Vertex Companies is a global provider of construction, environmental, energy, air quality, and engineering solutions.

Pulse Air Tracing

This presentation will describe a new "green" technology Vertex is using for real-time tracking of air in buildings. The basic principle is to mark or label the air to be traced with a natural environmentally safe and non-toxic tracer chemical. A short pulse of this reagent emitted into an air mass will arrive at a given location at the same time as the air molecules and can provide information about the airflow that is difficult to obtain by other means. This new air tracing technology is useful to detect air leakage locations in building indoor spaces and in air distribution and exhaust systems, and can be used to measure air leakage, outdoor air mixing, duct airflow rates and ventilation.


  1. review the strengths and weaknesses of different methods for air leakage testing
  2. know how to use pulse air tracing for simple building envelope and air duct leakage testing.
  3. see examples of different uses for pulse air tracing to measure air movement and distribution in buildings.
  4. gain insight into more quantitative uses for pulse air tracing to measure ventilation rates and air balancing.

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