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Roofing TRACK 2: Roofing

Gregg Wallick

Best RoofingGregg Wallick

President & CEO
Best Roofing Services LLC

A second generation professional roofing contractor, Best Roofing’s President and CEO, Gregg Wallick’s knowledge and passion for the industry is the driving force behind Best Roofing’s reputation, growth and success. Best Roofing employees over 340 full-time team members who service the commercial roofing community in South Florida. In 2018, Best Roofing was named “Commercial Roofing Contractor of the Year” by Roofing Contractor Magazine.

Gregg is also the Founder & CEO of a sales automation software company called “Followup CRM.” Followup CRM currently has a client base throughout the United States and growing every quarter.

Prior to purchasing Best Roofing, Gregg was the Founder, President and CEO of General Roofing Services/GRS from 1987 to 2001. At Gregg’s departure from General Roofing Services, they were the largest roofing contracting business in the United States with over 2,800 employees.

Gregg is a graduate of the University of Miami, holding both his undergraduate degree in business administration, as well as his MBA. As a former captain of the Miami Hurricanes football team, Gregg believes the principles that were taught and the ambitions that were fueled on the athletic field still hold true today. The qualities of dreaming, reaching and achieving success are fundamental to excelling in sports and translate perfectly into the business world and life in general.

Gregg is especially proud of being a husband and father. Gregg and his wife, Liz, share six children, three dogs, three cats and a Mongoose. Gregg and Liz reside in Plantation, Fla.

How to Build a Successful Sales Organization

For contractors looking to increase sales, Wallick emphasizes the need for strong discipline in the sales and estimating process. Understanding the source of bids or referrals, knowing the selling cycle and measuring the closing ratio of salespeople are key. This course will cover how roofers should always be networking, never stop quoting for potential work, and be relentless with follow up.


  1. Achieving $1 million in revenue with at least 10 full-time employees.
  2. Generating $10 million in revenue with roughly 75 employees.
  3. Reaching $30 million in revenue with a staff exceeding 75 employees.
  4. How to get over the next set of challenges

Technological Innovations in Roofing

Technology is pushing everyone in construction to re-examine how they do business, the roofing industry is no exception. An expert group of panelists who have implemented new technological trends leads a discussion on the impact those trends have had on their businesses and how others can reap the benefits while avoiding the pitfalls typically associated with early adoption. Tools intended to help with everything from recruitment to operations to the jobsite and more will be discussed.


  1. Identify the technologies that are having the greatest impact on the industry.
  2. Explain the challenges associated with each technology and how they can be overcome.
  3. Provide examples of the benefits to implementing new technologies.
  4. Accurately vet vendors to ensure products and services fit the required role.

This session has been approved for the following CEUs 
0.1 IACET CEU iacet.png     1 RCI CEH

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