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Learning Theater Presentation


Ian Daniels

Director of Architectural Products

Ian Daniels is the Director of Architectural Products for TAMLYN. He graduated with a Masters of Architecture from Tulane University and has been with TAMLYN for six years. He provides Architects with help on design solutions using XtremeTrim® and XtremeInterior™ and through his involvement in building science with TAMLYN he assists Architects with enclosure solutions using TamlynWrap™.


Aesthetics, Durability, and Sustainability of Extruded Aluminum Trim

“God is in the details”, one of several iconic phrases from Mies van der Rohe, which continues to haunt architects. Details are where architects can and do make a difference and with today’s focus on green materials detailing needs to meet both an architectural design aesthetic and sustainability requirements. Specifying extruded aluminum trim for use with various siding materials is one instance where knowledge of detailing can contribute to both.


  1. Identify the sustainable features of extruded aluminum.
  2. Summarize the aesthetic and environmental benefits of specifying extruded aluminum trim.
  3. Explore profile and finish options that are available for extruded aluminum trim and how it can work with various façade materials.
  4. Discuss steps for better moisture management behind extruded aluminum trim.


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