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Jeffrey Testa

Jeffrey Testa

National Business Development Manager

Jeff Testa is an UL (Underwriters Laboratories) construction professional with project experience in the private and civil sectors. A specialist in building exteriors, with experience in high-rise windows, curtain wall, fa├žade components, concrete and the implementation of a well-functioning building envelope. Over 25 years of experience in all facets of construction, consulting, contracting, lab and field testing, field operations, logistics and human resources. ENERGY * ENTHUSIASM * SYNTAX * HUMOR * ENJOYMENT * RELEVANCE TO AUDIENCE (Personal Presentation Mantra)

Understanding the Value of Performance Testing of the Exterior Envelope of the Building

Building projects for new construction and renovations often require testing of the exterior envelope of the building. The exterior envelope and its components are required to be tested at 3 stages to assure performance to the design requirements for air and water tightness, structural integrity, thermal transmittance, acoustical transmittance, seismic movement and wind resistance from hurricanes, tornadoes and other storms. Testing is required of fenestration products including windows, doors and curtain walls prior to gaining market acceptance, at the pre-construction phase in which mock-ups of the exterior envelope are tested and finally, after installation in which field testing is conducted on installed fenestration systems. This presentation explores the testing requirements and the value of product testing, pre-construction mock-up testing and field testing. Understand why building project specifications often require testing, what the typical project specifications mean, how testing is conducted, and the positive impact testing provides to the building project.


  1. Identify the performance requirements for fenestration products, how products are tested to assess performance and information from supplier to assure performance
  2. Detail the testing conducted on pre-construction mock-ups of the exterior envelope and the value testing provides prior to construction
  3. Detail how to prepare for air and water field testing to achieve greatest value, efficiency and success
  4. Describe the test results that are obtained and how that information can be used to positively impact a building project

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