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Jennifer Keegan

Jennifer Keegan

Director of Building and Roofing Science

Jennifer Keegan is the Director of Building & Roofing Science for GAF. This position focuses on relationships between roofing materials, the overall roof system and building envelope performance. Jennifer has over 20 years of experience as a building enclosure consultant specializing in assessment, design and remediation of building enclosures. Her experience ranges from design assist efforts, to forensic investigations, litigation support and repair design. Jennifer provides technical leadership within the industry as the Chair of the ASTM Waterproofing Subcommittee; and as an advocate for women as educational chair for National Women in Roofing and board member of Women in Construction.

Reactive to Proactive Resilient Urban Roof Design: Sustainable Design Implications and Adaptive Architecture

How does urbanization affect designing for sustainability? Urbanization has coincided with the development of complex and interdependent networks. The increasing incidence of extreme weather events jeopardizes those networks whenever infrastructure damage occurs. Long-term sustainability necessitates an inherent and essential capacity for designing for resilience in the face of vulnerability and buildings that can adapt to the changing environments in which they were built. What do resilient and adaptive buildings look like, how do they behave, and how do we design for this belt-and-suspenders approach that requires such elasticity? And what role does roof selection and design play?


  1. Discuss net-zero construction, wind uplift resistance, and low-slope roofing trends, including rooftop energy generation, green and blue roofs, and water-harvesting capabilities
  2. Understand how urbanization has contributed to a complex, interconnected society that requires resilient design
  3. Identify the differences between sustainability and resiliency as they relate to low-slope roofing
  4. Chart material chemistry choices of low-slope roofing components, including building air barriers, and understand how roofing system component selections affect overall performance

This session has been approved for 1 AIA LU/HSW AIA

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