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Jim Fisher

Director - Marketing Product Management
Motors, Controls, and IAQ Essentials

Jim joined Goodman in 2005 as Regional Technical Manager, serving the western United States. Jim relocated to Houston in May of 2008 as a Marketing Product Manager.

Areas of Responsibility:


Communicating Technology Reshapes Control Options for Energy-Efficient HVAC Systems

More than ever before in the HVAC marketplace, communicating technology offers many new features and benefits to HVAC contractors and homeowners across North America. This presentation will cover several examples of how communicating technology effects the installation, configuration, and diagnosis of high-efficiency HVAC systems. As communicating technology advances in the industry, what effect might it have on traditional wall-mounted thermostats and other control systems? The future of the HVAC industry may be shaped more by controls than any other pending technology advancements.


  1. Explore how new technology related to high efficiency communicating control systems
  2. Explain how wireless technology allows easier options to configure, install, and diagnose high-efficiency HVAC systems
  3. Investigate the future need for wall mounted thermostats in a residential home
  4. Analyze how technology ensures the installation of high-efficiency systems are equal or easier to install compared to minimum efficiency HVAC systems

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