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Lynn Foster

Lynn Foster

Director of Operations

Lynn Foster is the Director of Operations for AccuLynx, the #1 business management solution for Roofing Contractors. As the Director, he has collaborated with top industry professionals and technology partners to enhance the customer’s experience within the software, developing short and long term strategic plans based on marketplace analysis, as well as overseeing Sales, Systems Forecasting and Process Improvement. His expertise in business development, financial planning, sales, and vertical marketing have directly led to continuous success in growing company revenue and profits, even during times of economic recession.

Top 5 Mistakes Roofers Make During Busy Season and How to Avoid Them

For many roofing companies, the spring and summer months are your busiest time of year. Roofing jobs start flooding in, new hire onboarding takes over, and paperwork begins to stack up. Business may be booming, but that doesn't mean everything is smooth-sailing. This hectic time is often fraught with mistakes—mistakes that don't just hinder productivity, but can hurt your company's profitability and reputation. In this presentation, we'll provide tips for avoiding these common mistakes.


  1. Learn how to prepare your business for jobs to start rolling in.
  2. Find out what tools can help everyone make the most out of their day.
  3. Learn what expectations to set for existing staff and new hires.
  4. Learn ways you can enhance the sales process.

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