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Roofing TRACK 3: HVACR / Mechanical Systems

Matt Huffman

Matt Huffman

Manager, Energy Services
Murphy & Miller, Inc.

Matt Huffman has been working in HVAC engineering and energy services since 1996. Since 2012, he has led Murphy & Miller's Energy Services group, specializing in HVAC efficiency projects with utility incentives, energy modeling and benchmarking. He has been an educational speaker for USGBC-Illinois, Chicago Center for Green Technology, and multiple tradeshow events. From 2013-2016, he was the President of the Chicago Chapter of IBPSA-USA (International Building Performance Simulation Association). In 2016 he earned the ASHRAE Building Enenergy Assessment Professional (BEAP) certification.

Filling the HVAC Controls Gap Between a Yugo and a Lambo

There is a gap in the HVAC controls market between simple programmable thermostats ("Yugos", the infamous low-cost cars from the former Yugoslavia) and high-cost building automation systems (Lamborghinis or "Lambos"). While there are good use cases for both of these types of controls, there is a need for something in-between. This can include "advanced RTU controls" and "light commercial building controls". Through multiple project examples, Matt will show the uses, benefits, and challenges of installing such systems. There will be a focus on energy savings opportunities with these systems.


  1. Identify and recognize three major classifications of HVAC controls
  2. Identify building types and use cases for "in between" HVAC controls systems
  3. Determine key control elements and strategies that need to be addressed
  4. Determine energy savings for different use cases

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