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Matthew Carli

Matthew Carli

Sr. Manager Business Development
Laticrete International

Currently looking to the future with construction 3D printing, BIM, and other technologies stems from a desire to always see whats around the next corner, from building a love of architecture while doing a MBA in Rome, Italy to learning to surf and an appreciation of island life spending a couple years in Hawai'i, to learning Spanish while studying in Miami, my past, future, and passions fortunately have gotten to come through over the past 5+ years working with Laticrete International, as we look to what construction will look like in the near future.

3D Construction Printing - What, Where, and How?

Technology is late to enter construction, yet everyone is aware of the lack of productivity, labor shortages, increasing cost, and also changing demographics that all creates the perfect storm for a disruption that solves all of these. 3D printing of cement based mortars always true utilization of BIM and CAD and gives new meaning to design-build. While currently in an emerging space, it provides a platform for established existing construction companies to not only enter early, but forces them to ask the questions of tomorrow, for example how can BIM integrate into supply chain, how can we use less material, how can we improve safety on the jobsite, etc. Additionally, 3D printing is following the overall trend of bringing end users/owners directly into the design process, giving transparency to exactly what design changes would cost and look like. Still 3D is a technology ready today for those interested to learn.


  1. Design - How the trend in other industries can be applied to construction
  2. Technology - how we can capitalize on 3D to build more efficiently
  3. Labor/Safety - How 3D and automation will change the jobsite dynamic
  4. Materials - Learning that 3D is more than just a new tool, and materials will develop along side printer and software technologies

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