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Michael Gogan

Michael Gogan

Business Development

Michael Gogan is a Business Development Specialist who partners with contractors and distributors to better document their job sites by getting their pictures and notes into one place. Michael spent nearly a decade teaching middle and high school social studies. Since trading his classroom for the job site, Michael has noted that the teaching is no different, just the students being taught. Michael has attended and presented at Roofing Contractors Association of Texas, Florida Roofing Contractors Association, Chicago’s Rise Conference, and Win The Storm in Las Vegas. Michael holds a BA in education from the University of Nebraska at Kearney.

Using Tech to Your Advantage: Increase ROI Through Photo Documentation

From drone photos and footage to augmented and virtual reality, the photo documentation game isn’t what it once was. Having a solid photo documentation process can completely transform your company and increase your ROI. In this session, we’ll be discussing technology trends in the industry and how to integrate groundbreaking tech into your everyday documentation process to maximize efficiency. We’ll also dive into the importance of standard operating procedures, as well as how to create and implement them in ways that work alongside your photo documentation process and technology used in the field. All these elements tie together to boost your company’s ROI and increase efficiency across the board.


  1. Be equipped to navigate and implement technology in your company.
  2. Learn to maximize efficiency through a solid documentation process.
  3. Evaluate your current SOPs and make needed changes.
  4. Identify where to get started in using artificial intelligence to save time and money on their construction projects

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