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HVAC TRACK 3: HVACR / Mechanical Systems

Mike Bailey

Mike Bailey

VP Sales & Product Development
Mestek Machinery

Currently the Vice President of Sales and New Product Development for Mestek Machinery, Mike Bailey has over 25 years experience in the industry, working in distribution of Roofing and HVAC products, as well as selling machinery for Lockformer. This broad base of experience is helpful in consulting contractors and fabricators on the Duct manufacturing needs, particularly in helping to walk through the steps of considering the design and fabrication in the big picture, from CAD to CAM down to equipment layout for work flow in the duct fabrication shop.

Streamline the Duct Design to Assembly Workflow with Manifolding

For MEP Contractors, the latest trend in HVAC duct fabrication leverages CAD to CAM with current duct fabrication machinery features. Combining these features streamlines the manufacturing lifecycle of fabrication through installation.


  1. Inline plasma cutting for taps, dampers and access holes eliminates time consuming, offline processes
  2. Save time by manifolding in shop to decrease installation time at the jobsite
  3. Utilize new hardware hanging options to further reduce installation time on site.
  4. Leverage the CAD to CAM workflow streamline fabrication time.

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