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Mike Beckmann

Mike Beckmann

Bonstone Materials Corp.

Born and raised in St. Louis, MO, Mike graduated from the University of Missouri—Rolla in December, 1982 with a BS in Chemistry. He worked for Reichhold Chemicals in Pensacola Florida from 1983—1987 as National Epoxy Technical Service Representative, then moved to Milwaukee, WI to work for PPG Industries. He used his epoxy knowledge to develop coatings for metal office furniture, and also gained experience in wood coatings and radiation cure technologies (ultraviolet and electron beam curing of polyesters and acrylics). In 1992, he arranged to purchase Bonstone, Inc. from then-owner (and stone adhesive pioneer) King Harte. The resultant company, now named Bonstone Materials Corporation, has since grown more than 8-fold in sales and number of employees. Mike continues to work full-time as President and Chief Chemist at Bonstone.

Chemistry of Adhesives Used in the Natural Stone Industry

Participants will be exposed to the large variety of products used for fabrication, installation, and restoration applications within the natural stone industry. The various chemistries will be discussed, with a focus on the advantages and limitations of each. The process whereby one chooses a particular product for a specific application and substrate will be reviewed.


  1. Relate the chemistry and appropriate physical properties of available structural adhesive and aesthetic repair materials used in the fabrication, installation, and durable repair of natural stone and masonry structures.
  2. Distinguish between the many varieties of adhesive and patching chemistries, with emphasis on identifying the relative strengths and weaknesses of each; and stress awareness of the various safety, environmental, and transportation hazards associated with
  3. Recognize best practices for fabricating, adhering, and patching natural stone and masonry materials, highlighting the importance of selecting the appropriate materials for the application, and ensuring sustainable ideas for employee and owner/end-user sa
  4. Learn the appropriate techniques for surface preparation to ensure the proper care and performance of the adhesive or patching compound

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