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HVAC TRACK 3: HVACR / Mechanical Systems

Ray Field


Ray Field

Director of Liquid Solutions
Goodway Technologies

Ray Field is a Chemical Engineer and Certified Water Technologist with over 25 years of experience in water treatment and chemical products development. Currently, Ray serves as Director, Liquid Solutions for Goodway Technologies, an industrial maintenance solutions provider. Ray specializes in developing diversified chemical technologies, product management and business development.

Managing Legionella and Dangerous Outbreaks with Preventative Maintenance

With the increase in Legionella outbreaks in the past year, the industry has placed greater attention on the maintenance of building water systems, even establishing minimum legionellosis risk management requirements through ASHRAE Standard 188-2015. Ray Field will speak to how Legionella develops, is transmitted, and how it can be managed through a five-step preventative maintenance program. There will be visuals to show the difference between a properly maintained cooling tower fill and ones that have been ignored. He will explain how proper maintenance not only reduces the risk of a Legionella outbreak, but leads to better indoor air quality, lower operational costs and longer industrial equipment life.


  1. Explain what Legionella is and what ASHRAE Standard 188-2015 means for the industry.
  2. Identify how the risk of a Legionella outbreak can be minimized.
  3. Explain why preventative maintenance for cooling towers is as critical as disinfectant residuals in cooling tower water.
  4. Use available tools and equipment to reduce the risk.

This session has been approved for the following CEUs 
1 AIA LU/HSWAIA     0.1 IACET CEU iacet.png

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