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Rene Morkos

Rene Morkos

ALICE Technologies

Rene Morkos' professional experience includes working as a project manager helping to rebuild and support troops in Afghanistan, underwater construction in Lebanon, automation engineering on a $350 million gas refinery expansion in Abu Dhabi, and Virtual Design and Construction consulting around the world. He completed his PhD in Artificial Intelligence applications for construction as a Charles H. Leavell fellow at Stanford University.

Leveraging artificial intelligence to explore better ways to build

The way we build things is changing. Since it's introduction into construction, technology has been used to collect project information and help with project administration in the office. With the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) into construction, project teams are now leveraging technology to help them build smarter and more efficiently. Rene Morkos, CEO of ALICE Technologies, who received his Ph.D. in artificial intelligence applications for construction from Stanford, will share stories about how real superintendents, project managers, estimators, and schedulers have leveraged AI to explore different construction scenarios to realize significant time and money savings on their projects.


  1. Understand what artificial intelligence is
  2. Explain what construction applications artificial intelligence can help with
  3. Share use cases where artificial intelligence helped save time and money on construction projects
  4. Identify where to get started in using artificial intelligence to save time and money on their construction projects

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