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Flooring TRACK 5: Flooring

Shane Jenkins

Shane Jenkins

Senior Technical Coordinator


Self-Leveling Technology for Floor Installations

The evolution of Self-Leveling Technology 101 will examine the five elements in leveling compounds, their significance, and their importance in achieving desired characteristics and how that impacts the soundness of the subfloor and foundation. The binder is the most important ingredient in any leveling compound which includes gypsum, Portland, and calcium aluminate cement. Binders are the key to developing a material that is safe and stable. The geological and historical use of each binder will be reviewed from the development of construction of historical buildings and presence in artifacts, to their use in modern architecture. Each type of leveling compound will be explored, properties discussed, benefits and disadvantages acknowledged, and recommended applications for each type examined allowing the specifier to chose the best material and method for each jobsite. Participants will benefit from this instruction learning how to properly select the best suited leveling compound and will be able to make the best decision on appropriate measures to correct substrate challenges to properly prepare subfloors for successful, sustainable, environmentally friendly, and sound flooring installations.


  1. Understanding the history, modern applications, manufacturing process, and any health effects associated with each binder; the key element found in leveling compounds.
  2. Understand the materials and methods of the different types of leveling compounds, their properties, benefits and disadvantages, and be able to recommend suitable applications for new construction and renovations.
  3. Identify the five elements found in leveling compounds and the role each plays in developing specific attributes such as increased stability, adhesion and strength.
  4. Analyze the properties, benefits, applications, health and environmental benefits for new technology in leveling compounds.

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