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Roofing TRACK 3: HVACR / Mechanical Systems

Stephen Dale

Stephen Dale

Director of Training
Power Selling Pros

Stephen Dale brings over 18 years experience as an operations manager in the home services industry working for two large MEP companies in the Dallas, Texas area where he grew up. He has been a coach and trainer with Power Selling Pros for three years now working with hundreds of companies and many vendors during his tenure. His diversified empirical knowledge is derived through extensive training from the following operations: Nexstar Network, Service Nation Alliance, Business Development Resources, Anthony Robbins Corporation, Airtime 500; just to name a few. He holds a MBA from Texas A&M.

Creating a WOW Experience in the Field

You aren’t selling a product. No matter what service you deliver, your value proposition lies in the experiences you provide. The companies that continue to think of themselves as a commodity, one that can win on price alone, will flail and founder in today’s increasingly consumer-driven market. Offering a fair price is table stakes – you must now couple authentic WOW experiences and strong relations to win. Imagine the impact on your business when you have a team of service professionals that are not just expertly trained in WHAT they do (fixing and maintaining systems in the home) but have the skills and mentality to go above and beyond to create a WOW experience in every client interaction. Imagine what your company’s culture will be when your team is given the tools to connect with clients on a personal level and, as a result, increase sales?


  1. Discover why your customer's experience defines your Brand
  2. How to compete on value and not price
  3. Tools to create a WOW experience for your team and your clients
  4. Winning moments through WOW

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