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Steve Richardson

Steve Richardson

Business Development Manager
McKeon Door Company

Steve’s primary focus for the past 18 years has been working with the architectural and code community in understanding how open design and complete code compliance are compatible and not mutually exclusive. Steve has worked directly with architects, code officials and general contractors in a number of states. Steve has presented programs at various State AIA conventions and the CSI Construct. Steve is a member of CSI and the former Secretary on the Executive Board of the Central Iowa Chapter of CSI, a member of the Iowa Association of Building Officials, the International Door Association and the International Code Council.

Opening Doors to Design Opportunities

In this presentation we will cover aspects of Chapters 7 & 10 of the International Building Code 2015, along with the Atrium provisions of Chapter 4. Particularly we will show how design teams can keep their design open and at the same time meet the fire and life safety provisions of the IBC 2015 • We will cover the 5 walls found in the IBC, their applications and the opening protective requirements of each of those applications • We will use case studies to cover specific code topics such as Elevator Lobbies, Horizontal Exits, Exit Passageways, Corridor Separation and Smoke Compartments in Healthcare, to name a few.


  1. List the 5 types of walls found in the International Building Code and their fire resistive ratings.
  2. Learn and comprehend the differences between fire resistive rating and fire protective ratings.
  3. Review ASTM E119 asit relates to openings and opening protectives.
  4. Describe opening protective and wall testing such as ASTM E119, UL 10B, UL 10C and UL 10D.

This session has been approved for 1 AIA LU/HSW AIA

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