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Trent Cotney

Trent Cotney

Cotney Construction Law, LLP

Since 1999, Trent Cotney of Cotney Construction Law has dedicated himself to serving the roofing industry. As a Florida Bar Board Certified Construction Lawyer who is also licensed in Illinois, Tennessee, and Texas, Trent focuses his practice on all aspects of construction law. He is the General Counsel for the Florida Roofing & Sheet Metal Association (FRSA), the Tennessee Association of Roofing Contractor (TARC), Roofing Technology Think Tank (RT3), West Coast Roofing Contractors Association (WCRCA), and several other local roofing associations.

Legal Issues Pertaining to Roofing Technology

The lack of skilled labor has forced the roofing industry to use technology to increase efficiency and supplement the work force. This seminar will discuss the latest trends in technology and how they impact roofing as well as the legal implications from their use. Topics include blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, 3D printing, drones, electronic document usage and cloud-based computing.


  1. Attendee will be able to determine the best methods for supplementing the lack of skilled labor with the use of technology.
  2. Attendee will be able to identify the legal implications using certain technologies in the industry.
  3. Attendee will be able to assess how utilizing technology can help limit liability.
  4. Attendees will be able to recognize and differentiate various emerging technologies in the construction industry.

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