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Troy Guevara

Troy Guevara

Enterprise Solutions Engineer

After finishing his studies in structural engineering, Troy founded his own construction business in the mid 90’s. Growing to 70+ skilled tradesmen, spread between 4 to 5 crews, his company built multi-million dollar commercial, military, industrial and educational facilities throughout the intermountain west. In 2011, Troy left the jobsite to share his expertise in business and project management. He specializes in helping companies to streamline processes that increase productivity and create more efficient projects. Since 2015, Troy has worked with the busybusy team to help implement these practices and grow construction IT for hundreds of companies.

What is a SMART Jobsite?

This session will go over the modern strategies being used to improve jobsites all across the country. U.S. construction companies spend up to 35% of their time on non-optimal activities. It is estimated that the construction industry will waste $177 billion dollars each year on labor costs. Commonly referred to as a SMART Jobsite, jobsite supervisors and estimators are using technology to collect daily data needed to measure the productivity of their jobsites. This technology makes employee activity collection automatic, while also providing the data needed to make job review meetings effective and meaningful. Using these insights, companies are able to win more bids, target high-profit work, and dramatically increase their profit. Join us for this session where we'll cover how to make field data collection much more simple and thorough.


  1. Understand construction trends that waste labor budget
  2. Understand the why, what, and how of SMART Jobiste management.
  3. Understand how to use technology to review production on a daily basis
  4. Understand what you can expect from SMART Jobsite management strategies

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