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Troy Harvey

Troy Harvey


Troy Harvey is the CEO of PassiveLogic. He is an expert in autonomous systems, building automation, and high performance building science — with over 20 years experience in these markets. Prior, as CEO of Heliocentric, Mr. Harvey worked with leading architects and builders on dozens of award winning high performance building designs and unique automation solutions. Several of which have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, NAHB Magazine, Dwell, and Building America Program. PassiveLogic is the first autonomous buildings platform. PassiveLogic has partnerships with many of the largest integrators, DBOMs, and utilities.

Autonomous Buildings will reshape the marketplace

Move over vehicles, Autonomous Buildings will reshape the economy and change how we install, own, manage, and maintain our buildings. Autonomous vehicle technology is migrating to the buildings market. This technology revolution brings autopilot-like control for your whole building, making human-responsive indoor environments, while enabling buildings to autonomously manage resources, energy, and intelligently interact as independent agents in Smart City networks. Autonomous buildings are built on new developments in Digital Twin and AI technology, allowing the building to think about its own future, making decisions ahead of time, and interact with maintenance, management, and utilities providers. Buildings will navigate around control problems hours before they occur, automatically commission our systems, and ensure optimized building, comfort, and system economics. We will demonstrate PassiveLogic's autonomous platform and approach to automation, and how it changes the game for installers, integrators, DBOMs, and HVAC companies.


  1. Understand how autonomous building platforms change automation, commissioning, and HVAC control
  2. How Digital Twins provide deep insight into our most valuable assets: Buildings.
  3. How future-forward control systems work
  4. How to enable buildings to be human-responsive

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